The Life & Times of The Original Backwoods Barbie


Two weeks before I decided to leave Hot Shot was when it happened. I thought I was gonna die. Prayed for death actually, because then at least, in death, maybe I would finally be able to find some sort of peace.

I remember it was hot that day. Middle of August. Me and Brooke had been down by…

Ha! @IDontFckOnFilm ~ The first gif- me to BCB? Lmfao


Flawless photoshoot <3

When the end comes rushing up at you and everything you thought was real starts to fall away, you consider the meaning of the life that you lived and you realize that the only thing that means a damn thing at the end is what you loved. And you think of who you loved, and you let it take you home.
Aidan, Being Human US Series Finale (via sweetsamofmine)


“I didn’t care so much about the men in my life or the people who had kind of let me down. I kind of just stopped giving a fuck.”

the influence // photography by brandon harman

That’s kind of where all my money goes. I’m going to be a very broke girl with a really great wardrobe.

Nipple selfies- because I&#8217;m bored? &gt;.

Nipple selfies- because I’m bored? >.

Yep. You can look- but absolutely /no/ touching! #MINE @iDontSparklee

Yep. You can look- but absolutely /no/ touching! #MINE @iDontSparklee